Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Van Hage Garden Centre

Van Hage - Peterborough

Poshcoffeeco takes a walk   (

Having taken a walk this morning between home and the relatively new Van Hage garden centre site at Parnwell it is apparent that whoever is responsible for looking after the pedestrian site entrance is not doing as they should.
On turning in to the public footpath at the eye roundabout / Co-operative petrol station it hits you in the eye with all the rubbish strewn around the hedgerows and spare land leading to the Garden Centre car park.
If it is Peterborough City Council who is supposed to look after it I would suggest that the problem is tackled sooner than later before fly tippers start to dump the usual fridges and used car tyres which is usually found these days down country lanes.
I would have thought that Van Hage management would be very embarrassed if the responsibility lies with them. However, I do know that the site has it's own Site Manager and you would think that as part of his remit that he would venture out of his cosy office from time to time to see what goes on around the site.
Watch this space as I endeavour to find out who's job it is to look after this piece of land.

To be continued