Saturday, 19 November 2011

New street lighting

           New street lighting is popping up around Peterborough streets as some old lamposts are replaced. It appears that the older style lamposts are disappearing and being replaced with new ones and I can only suspect that this is being done for a couple of reasons. One is that the older posts are too close to the road and risk being hit by buses and lorries wing mirrors which stick out. The other will no doubt be on a financial basis as the new lights have white bulbs in and not the standard orange ones. It must be that the white lamps burn less electricity.
             I have noticed, though that the white lights are not as effective as the orange and give out more light glare for motorists. Will this be the norm I wonder in future? Not so good for motorists and anyone going out in the early hours. There is a possibility that the lack of light given off by the lamps that in certain areas this could fuel crime. Let me know your opinions on this or if you have any information on the subject.